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Today, most chimney companies have a vested interest in “finding” serious damage to your chimney so that they can sell you repairs with “Buy Now’s” and other high-pressure techniques. This practice is questionable, at best. So, when it comes to your chimney’s safety and being treated honestly, many wonder: Who can you trust?
Chimney Safety Institute of America is an educational institution dedicated to chimney and venting system safety by training and certifying chimney professionals.
Certification #4051
Fireplace Investigation Research & Education Services educates and certifies fireplace inspectors nation-wide.
Certification #FP-029

CCI delivers quality chimney inspections
-- with no conflicts of interest


We do not perform any repairs or offer a bid after an inspection. Our commitment to earning your business is simple. If you have a suspected chimney problem, we will provide you with accurate information, detailed reports and cost effective solutions.

We specialize in:
Extensive Visual Inspection
Closed-Circuit Video Inspection
Smoke Test Inspection
Chimney Consulting
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