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What We Do

We are an inspection-only service. This is important, as it means we have no vested interest during the inspection. Our commitment to becoming your trusted source for inspections is simple: If you have a suspected chimney problem, we will provide the most thorough and accurate inspection, detailed reports and, if needed – advice regarding the most effective solutions for masonry, prefabricated or gas-only fireplaces/chimneys.

Our Services

Comprehensive Inspection

In order to fully understand and best assess the condition of your fireplace/chimney, we perform Level II and Level III inspections, documenting areas of trouble with digital and/or video scope equipment along with examining all readily accessible portions of the chimney to compile a comprehensive report.

Professional Consultation

Professional Consultation may be needed on new fireplace installations or during the repair process of an existing chimney/fireplace. This service may be needed during a design phase or when dealing with a conflict.

Expert Support

Expert Support caters to the documentation and resolution of conflicts with troubled chimneys/fireplaces through mediation, arbitration or other professional practices.

About Us

Whether you need a comprehensive fireplace/chimney inspection – or be it a consultation on repairs – or new installation, you will always get the same unbiased evaluation that has helped to make Certified Chimney Inspectors the leader in the inspection field.  And, our years of extensive industry experience allows us to recommend only the correct repairs that may be needed as a result of thorough and accurate inspections.